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James Cunnings
James CunningsSenior Platinum Coaching Strategist

Sage, Tony, James & Sarah in Fiji

Some of my highlights

When I look at my life now compared to where I was 20 years ago I am absolutely blown away! Working with Tony Robbins, our incredible Team, and impacting people’s lives on a daily basis has been an absolute blessing and truly transformed my life. After losing my father and dealing with physical abuse at a young age, I realized I had to make a choice. I chose to go against the norm and I refused to make excuses as to why I was not living a fulfilled life. Just know that no matter where you are in life there is always a purpose, meaning we can choose or something bigger & better to strive towards.

I toured in a successful band for 4 years and was able to see the world. I had success, acknowledgment, variety yet I was still unfulfilled. Music is and always will be a passion of mine; however, certain events in life allowed me to come to the realization that I was meant to reach people at a deeper level more true to my gifts & strengths. I also wanted to start a family.

I got my first Coach when I was 22. I personally hired a Coach because I felt like it was a ‘no-brainer’, I was done with leaving opportunities on the table and I needed to get more out of myself & life. I truly believe that we all need to consistently take time to get an external perspective so we can identify why we currently are where we are at, so we can see the bigger patterns or blind-spots and refine the tools in our tool bag; but, put simply therapy wasn’t working for me anymore. Like Tony, I felt I had hit my rock bottom and I knew I had to do things differently.

My coach rocked my world!! He helped me see life in a completely different light as well as master the ART of setting and achieving goals (Tony refers to S.M.A.R.T. outcomes). He helped me dive into my leverage or WHY I MUST reach those targets. We then sat down and put together a winning plan, executed it, tracked our progress and celebrated. He was my confidant/raving fan and it felt amazing accomplishing what I would commit to and actually celebrating my wins. There was no judgment…just understanding and serious butt-kicking!

After working in banking, lending, multilevel marketing, co-founding Cunnings Financial, and Real Estate I was recruited into the largest Real Estate Coaching Company in the US, Buffini and Company. My role was the coaching liaison/consultant. I trained the sales people to coach and the coaches to influence. After my tenure with Buffini I spent the next few years creating numerous ventures & working with startup companies, a Real Estate investment company, recruiting company, my own coaching & business consulting company, etc.

Tony Robbins was the first personal development speaker that I was presented (by my Coach) back when I was 22. He was the “IT” guy in the coaching & training industry. Working hands on with Tony & the Robbins Research Int. Team has truly been an incredible opportunity. I am so blessed to have experienced exponential growth in myself, my family, clients, colleagues and PowerTeam. I am a humble, living testimony that you can make big changes and always take things to the next level – no matter what you have gone through or where you are at in life – with the right focus, strategies, leverage, support and accountability. I do hope you have the opportunity to experience the same.

I am a Family man, Husband, Father, Brother, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Artist, Philanthropist, and a force for good. I got married in August 2008 to Cinderella – literally – my wife, Sarah, worked for Disney as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel. She now works for Mattel as ‘Barbie’ doing PR & Media Events and we created a YouTube Show for Kids, Princess Perplexity, with a mission to share a positive fun, and empowering message centered around loving others as well as yourself. After many unfulfilling relationships, my Coach and I mapped out exactly what I was looking for in a partner as well as WHO I had to become to attract the caliber of woman & authentic relationship I desired. Sure enough, Sarah is an exact replica of what I had written on that sheet of paper.

Today we live in San Diego, CA a few minutes from the ocean. Speaking of ocean…this happens to be my favorite place to unwind. Whether it’s surfing, scuba diving, boating or fishing I can’t get enough of it. I also love yoga, daily meditation and being active with sports such as basketball, football, softball, soccer, biking, moto and I have a real passion for the game of golf. I am also a “health nut” as my wife & I proactively chose to be gluten, dairy and soy free which has made a huge impact on my energy. I love raw foods, vegan cooking, and there will always be a place in my heart for fresh, clean sushi.

I love my dogs! I have a white boxer named Stella and a 3 lb. Pomeranian named Timmy. I got Timmy, without Sarah knowing, in August of ’08 when he was 9 weeks and fit in the palm of my hand. I tied an engagement ring around his neck and asked Sarah to marry me at a winery in Temecula, CA – she had to say YES!

I also love to travel! Whether it’s backpacking the Sierras, visiting the islands, or boating at the river. I love seeing new places, experiencing unique cultures, and meeting new people. Our next venture will be going back to Namali for a 4th time in May with Tony and I can’t wait!

I have ‘survived’ over 13,000 coaching sessions in my tenure as a coach. I have worked with everyone from CEO’s of Fortune 500 | 100 companies, aspiring entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, to high schoolers delivering newspapers. I have worked with people on the summit, those with too much stability or feeling stagnant and have also helped individuals in deep despair from ending their lives. I have studied NLP, NAC, Gestalt, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Heritage Profiling, human needs psychology, DISC, and various other therapies or certified platforms. I have created, co-founded and run my own companies and have helped others set up, grow and optimize their businesses. I have a Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business Cultures, Money and Banking, and a Minor in Psychology.

I have always looked for growth-oriented companies that are authentic, add massive value to the world and are also in alignment with my core values & beliefs. I am blessed to have found that company here @ RRI – we are truly on a mission to impact & improve every single person’s life we come across. “Life is a collection of moments, it takes momentum to create the moments we want to collect” – JRC